WEDECO Quality

WEDECO Quality

Irrespective of whether you wish to eliminate microorganisms in wastewater, disinfect public drinking water or treat process water for industrial purposes - the equipment used must function reliably and faultlessly. Therefore, we at Xylem Water Solutions attach particularly high importance to the quality of our WEDECO products and services. This starts with the selection of appropriate materials and goes through the entire development and production process, right up to certification in accordance with international standards.

High-quality materials for lasting use

Special rules apply in our company concerning the selection of appropriate materials: We only use materials and components which meet the requirements of the market and which are certified by supervisory authorities such as the DVGW or ÖVGW, if necessary. We too set high standards: The materials used may not only have to resist lasting contact with water and other highly corrosive media; intensive UV light or highly reactive ozone also requires special material qualities. We ensure our quality requirements by manufacturing as many components as possible ourselves. As such, Xylem Water Solutions is one of the few manufacturers of UV equipment with its own UV lamp production.

WEDECO Quality

Quality is relived each day

Beyond material quality, we rely on consistently high quality standards in all divisions of the company. Our active quality management system is geared towards internationally applicable standards and now meets the current standard DIN EN ISO 9001. Moreover, product quality and manufacturing processes are constantly monitored and optimised in continuous “kaizen” improvement processes. Established quality controls give us and you the security of knowing that WEDECO UV and ozone systems will always operate reliably. Thus, all WEDECO products are 100% tested in our own test facilities.

Certifications create confidence

In order to objectively support our quality statements, WEDECO equipment is certified according to the highest standards whenever required, such as the American UL standard for electronic components or the European pressure equipment directive (97/23/EC). In regards water disinfection with UV light, we have even defined strict standards together with the German certification body in Bonn, which are now meeting with the highest recognition worldwide as a DVGW certification ( German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water). The general rule is: If a quality directive is required somewhere for permissible operation, there is always a WEDECO system which fulfils it, rest assured. You can rest assured in this.