Research & Development

Research & Development

Ozone has been used for over 100 years for the treatment of drinking water and for the improvement of its quality. The disinfecting capability of UV light has also been well-known for a long time. However, the actual development of these two environmentally friendly technologies into an integral part of modern water treatment only started just under three decades ago. WEDECO considerably contributed to this development!

We have continuously advanced the development of UV disinfection and ozone oxidation through fundamental research and, in doing so, have produced genuine pioneer work. Thanks to our innovations it is also possible to use these technologies in a sustainable manner today, for example for the disinfection of drinking water or in paper bleaching – in a more economically efficient way than ever before.

Our energy for greater energy efficiency


We constantly invest a high portion of our energy in the development of high-tech components, systems and equipment as well as in the study of new areas of application for UV and ozone. In doing so, we have always given special attention to the increase in energy efficiency of our WEDECO products. As result a, our patented Spektrotherm® UV lamps already have a three times higher performance yield today compared with typical energy-saving lamps.

Passionate researchers

In close cooperation with national and international research establishments, renowned companies, and through direct cooperation with customers, new possibilities of application are constantly being developed along with improving existing processes and techniques.
For this purpose we provide modern, laboratory equipment as well as mobile test systems. Highly-qualified employees, skilled in the areas of chemistry, physics, microbiology, process engineering, electronics and environmental technology contribute their special expertise to these tests.

You can continue to expect well-engineered equipment and innovations from Xylem Water Solutions in the future. You are encouraged to fuel our passion for discovering new things and discuss your ideas with us.