WEDECO ozone technology

WEDECO Ozon-Technologie

We at Xylem Water Solutions develop, plan and produce state-of-the-art WEDECO ozone systems for water treatment in municipal and industrial processes. Patented EFFIZON® HP technology and many years of production experience is the foundation of our competence. The philosophy behind the EFFIZON® HP technology is: The highest performance and uncompromising reliability with low total costs.  For more information, please download new EFFIZONevo brochure.

Extreme conditions prevail inside an ozone generator - from both a chemical and electrical point of view. High electrical voltages create the highly reactive ozone from oxygen gas. A well-though-out equipment concept and high-quality materials are required in order to create the highest operating safety and reliable performance for the customer. WEDECO ozone systems fulfill these criteria while also providing economical operation.

EFFIZON® HP technology - the centerpiece of the WEDECO ozone generators

Effizon® HP Elektrode

The EFFIZON® HP electrode makes reliability possible like no other system. These patented electrodes create ozone according to the principle of silent electrical discharge from oxygen or air. A high voltage is applied between an grounded high-grade steel tube and its corresponding electrode.  The electrode and the grounded tube are separated by a dielectric, which creates two discharge gaps for the gas flow: both on the outside of the dielectric. Some of the oxygen molecules in the feed gas break down in the electric field and immediately attach themselves to free oxygen molecules, forming ozone.

The EFFIZON® HP electrode: Practically maintenance-free and highly efficient

Effizon® HP Elektrode

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The special characteristic of the EFFIZON® HP electrodes is the unique construction using only inert materials. While some systems use varnished or similar unreliable electrode coatings, the components of the EFFIZON® HP electrode are completely impervious to the harsh environment inside the ozone generator. The electrodes are made of high-grade steel and the dielectric is produced out of highly resistant borosilicate glass. In addition, the high-voltage electrode is surrounded by a special high-grade steel mesh. This results in two discharge gaps as ozone is formed on both sides of the dielectric - a decisive performance factor of the WEDECO ozone generators!

For you as a customer, the use of the WEDECO EFFIZON® electrodes means extremely high equipment availability, drastically reduced maintenance costs and high concentrations of ozone - with the security of a 5-year guarantee on the EFFIZON® HP electrodes. That is worth it to us!

Complete turn-key equipment from a single source

Apart from the actual ozone system, consisting of the ozone generator, power supply unit, high-voltage transformer as well as safety and control devices, WEDECO EFFIZON® HP ozone systems are predominantly delivered as complete turn-key systems. Depending on customer requirements, numerous options can supplement the full package. Whether input gas supply, feed and reaction systems or cooling water supply, at Xylem Water Solutions you get everything from a single source, including project planning and technical service.

Advantages Overview
Advantages Overview
  • Simple to operate and highly reliable
  • Very low-maintenance
  • Low specific energy consumption and high ozone concentrations thanks to double discharge chambers
  • Good cooling characteristics
  • Low pressure losses
  • Compact footprint
  • No costly fuses
  • 10-year guarantee on the EFFIZON® HP electrodes
Containerized Systems
Containerized Systems

The many years of experience in building containerized systems enabled Xylem Water Solutions to engineer optimized systems with the best possible arrangement to meet the customers needs. More ...