Ozone oxidation

WEDECO A series

Ozone is one of the strongest commercially available oxidizing agents, and is commonly used for the treatment of water in municipal and industrial applications. The special advantage of ozone is in the environmentally friendly way in which it works. without the formation harmful chlorinated by-products.

Ozone molecular

Ozone is a natural, gaseous molecule and is frequently found in nature. As the ozone layer, it protects our planet against ultraviolet solar radiation, and can even be formed in low concentrations by lightening bolts or on hot summer days. The fact that ozone is frequently talked about in connection with air pollution, gives the gas a rather negative image - wrongly!  Applied correctly, it is ideally used as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to oxidation with chlorine, adsorption (e.g. activated carbon) or separation (e.g. reverse osmosis).

The oxidative effect of ozone

Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms. Under normal near-earth conditions the gas is unstable and thus very reactive. The ozone molecule reacts quickly with a number of organic and inorganic compounds, either through directly acting on the ozone molecule or indirectly through hydroxyl radicals that are created. Ozone is usually used up completely by this oxidation process and breaks back down into oxygen. Any remaining ozone in the off-gas is converted back to oxygen by a residual ozone destructor.

High tech for the environment

We at Xylem Water Solutions use this characteristic of ozone with specially developed technology in a variety of applications. Apart from the treatment of drinking water and wastewater, our equipment is used in bleaching processes (e.g. paper) as well as in further industrial oxidation processes. In addition, combination processes can be created together with UV light or peroxide, which, as an advanced oxidation process (AOP), help to render innocuous other thus far indestructible harmful substances in water.

Formation of Ozone

WEDECO ozone technology – safe, efficient and virtually maintenance-free

We developed a compact technology for maximum ozone generation with exceptionally low operating costs: WEDECO EFFIZON® HP. These patented electrodes create ozone from oxygen or air according to the principle of silent electrical discharge. Because of this technology, the production of large amounts of ozone also becomes extremely economical and absolutely safe for the environment and the operating personnel. The philosophy behind the WEDECO EFFIZON® HP technology is: Highest performance and uncompromising reliability with low total costs.

Ozone Applications

Drinking water

  • Improvement of flocculation
  • Color, taste and odor reduction
  • Fe/Mn oxidation
  • Disinfection
  • TOC reduction
  • DBP precurser oxidation
    (i.e. THM´s, HAA's)
  • Elimination of endocrine substances

Substances that can be oxidized with ozone

  • COD
    (Chemical oxygen demand)
  • AOX
    (Adsorbable organic halogen compounds)
  • NO2
  • Fe
  • Mn
  • CN-
  • Crop protection agents
  • EDTA
    (Ethylenedinitrilotetraacetate; chelating agent)
  • NOx
    (Nitrogen oxides)
  • H2S
    (Hydrogen sulphide, other odorous substances)
  • CKW
    (Chlorinated hydrocarbons)
  • PCA
    (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
  • Colorants
  • Pharmaceuticals, EDCs
    (Endocrine Disrupting Compounds)



  • Elimination of COD
  • Decoloration
  • Elimination of Tensides
  • Elimination of Phenols
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Elimination of AOX
  • Elimination of endocrine substances
  • ...

Process water

  • Cooling water (i.e. in power plants)
  • Swimming pools
  • Rinsing water in beverage industry
  • ...

Product polishing

  • Improvement of viscosity (i.e. starch)
  • Shelf-life improvement of food (i.e. lettuce)
  • Surface treatment (i.e. laminating, coating)

Bleaching process

  • Pulp bleaching (Pulp & Paper industry)
  • China clay (Kaolin)

Ozonolysis / Synthesis

  • Synthesis of new products
  • Modification of products


  • Oxidation of H2S (waste gases)
  • Mercaptanes
  • Odor control

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