Containerized Systems

Containerized Systems

The experience of many years building containerized systems enabled Xylem Water Solutions to engineer optimized systems with the best possible arrangement to meet the customers needs.

Xylem Water Solution delivers WEDECO systems completely mounted inside machinery containers designed especially for the purpose of housing the generator / reactor and its subcomponents.

The result are unique systems meeting the static conditions required by the weight of the plant components. The container provides the best possible housing for the complete Ozone or UV system including the ozone generator / UV reactor vessel, the power supply units and the auxiliary equipment. Moreover, the insulated container is equipped with a heating system, an emergency ventilation system (for ozone systems) and optional with an air conditioning system in case of hot climate conditions.

As the containers are excellent for outdoor applications, the customer’s building requirements, the installation and start-up time as well as the costs can be considerably reduced. Depending on the nature and scope of the application, systems may be installed in one or in multiple containers.


Containerized ozone system

Complete turnkey solutions for oxidative water treatment

We develop turnkey solutions in order to meet your demands for complete oxidation systems. Besides all the components for ozone generation and distribution, the systems are equipped with a reaction tank, so that the whole oxidation step can be implemented without the need of any additional equipment.

Delivered from one source, the systems can be implemented in the required process step and offers in that way the easiest and most comfortable way of oxidation treatment available.

Advantages Overview
Advantages Overview
  • No expensive housing and ventilation required

  • Reduced installation costs – “plug and play”

  • Considerable reduction of foundation work, minimum foot print

  • Modular design makes a further extension of the system very easy

  • Effective Noise reduction