WEDECO BX series

WEDECO BX series

The WEDECO BX Series closed vessel UV reactors are designed for drinking water applications.  Beside public water supply, the BX units are an excellent fit for industrial applications such as process water for the production of beverages and food, in the cosmetics industry or for rinsing and recycling processes.

The reactors of the WEDECO BX series are equipped with efficient high-performance low-pressure Spektrotherm® UV lamps. In combination with special hydraulic inserts, very good disinfection results are achieved at low power consumption.

Vario dose control: Never use more power than required

The Spektrotherm® lamps are powered by the latest electronic ballast technology and controlled by a highly selective calibrated UV intensity sensor.  Based on the actual UV dose requirement, the lamp power setting is varied between 50 and 100%, resulting in the lowest power consumption possible.

Automatic wiping system keeps the quartz sleeves crystal clear

By design the WEDECO BX Series is easy and simple to maintain.  However, for water quantities with increased fouling potential, the BX units can be optionally fitted with an automatic wiping system, which prevents the formation of organic and inorganic deposits on the protective quartz sleeves.  The chemical-free wiping system  is using wiper rings to keep the quartz sleeves clear.  In addition, two brushes clean the UV sensor head automotically as they are attached to the wiping system.

WEDECO BX series

Certified and validated models

Selected WEDECO BX devices are certified in accordance with European standards (German DVGW. Austrian ÖNORM) or validated according to USEPA regulations. This independent third party testing ensures effective disinfection performance and allows public water supplies to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

Easy integration with any site conditions

The reactors are available in U or Z shape and can be installed both horizontally and vertically enabling easy integration with existing piping.  The operational status can be monitored through either hard-wired contacts or an optional SCADA connection.

WEDECO BX series
WEDECO BX series
  • Compact and flexible UV system for drinking water applications
  • Validated according USEPA
  • Flow rate up to 14 MGD
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Advantages Overview
Advantages Overview
  • High disinfection performance with low power consumption
  • Compact design reactors in U or Z shape
  • Easy integration into existing pipings
  • Fully automatic wiping system (optional)
  • Vario dose control for low power consumption (optional)
  • Continuous monitoring with highly selective, calibrated UV sensor
  • Simple integration into process control systems
  • Validated according to USEPA

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