Shining new lights on original ideas

Nearly 40 years of engineering and over 20 years experiences with vertical UV disinfection systems led us to DURON: a vertical 45° inclined system for waste water disinfection.

Wedeco’s expertise in UV disinfection for drinking water with vertically arranged lamps is well known within the industry; with DURON the wastewater market can now also benefit from that in-depth knowledge and experience.
The vertical incline design, combined with new higher powered Ecoray lamps of 600 W, means that a minimum number of lamps are needed. This minimises the space required for the Duron solution as a whole.

Central to the design is how easily and efficiently the DURON system is maintained and serviced. Easy lamp replacement can be conducted while the modules remain in the channel. Dry top UV lamp access and the compact integrated lifting mechanism allow unsurpassed safety and ergonomic maintenance across the entire product range. Each module can be lifted single to make any necessary maintenance at a comfortable and individually adjustable service height. As the lifting system is also designed in the 45° angle the footprint remains small.

The high accuracy of the UV sensor together with the proven sensor based control the DURON provides intelligent lamp output control which means that the correct dosage is applied as required while both power and lamp life are conserved. Thus, energy consumption is minimized with no compromise to a safe and reliable disinfection performance.