WEDECO Spektron

WEDECO Spektron UV System

The WEDECO Spektron series shines new light on the environmentally friendly process of using UV disinfection for drinking water.  Featuring highly efficient ECORAY® UV lamp technology and advanced flow distribution, the Spektron series suits modern drinking water treatment plants, regardless of local pipe conditions, energy costs or local legal requirements.

The Spektron range covers a wide array of applications from domestic water supply and industrial uses to large municipal water plants with a capacity of more than 10 MGD per unit.  Equipped with a chemical-free wiping system, Spektron reactors can handle water qualities as low as 70% UV transmittance (UVT).  The product range meets the requirements of recognized regulations for safe and environmentally friendly water disinfection: they are certified according to Austrian ONORM, German DVGW directives, and are validated according to US EPA's UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM).

Superior UV monitoring & control devices enable variable power output (does pacing), resulting in excellent performance while minimizing energy consumption under all operating conditions.

WEDECO Spektron

Advantages Overview

  • Third party certified disinfection performance (ÖNORM and DVGW)
  • No harmful disinfection by-products (such as THMs or HAAs)
  • Low operating cost due to efficient reactor design
  • WEDECO Spektrotherm® Lamp
  • Calibrated UV intensity monitoring system
  • Very low headloss through the UV system
  • Easy operation and maintenance
Advantages at a Glance
Advantages at a Glance
  • Environmentally friendly disinfection without the risk of harmful by-product formation (such as THM's in chlorination)
  • Compliance to established standards (DVGW, ÖNORM, UVDGM) by extensive biodosimetric testing assures safe disinfection
  • Minimized energy consumption through the use of the latest ECORAY® UV lamp technology and variable power control
  • Reduced maintenance required due to automatic wipers for high fouling/scaling water
  • Excellent performance monitoring by latest sensor technology and sophisticated control system
  • Optimized hydraulics due to its unique CrossMix of Opticone™ flow diverter
  • Multiple flange and mounting options available for easy installation
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The ECORAY® Lamp Technology Features:

  • Excellent energy efficiency
  • Low carbon footprint
  • More than 80% less mercury
  • Validated aging properties.  More...

Than previous WEDECO lamps.