TAK 55 Smart

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The WEDECO TAK 55 Smart UV system makes the disinfection of low wastewater flows as easy and cost-effective as possible, without any compromise in quality or flexibility. For more information, please Download this brochure.

Similar to its big brother the TAK 55, ‘TAK Smart’ systems feature the same UV lamp configuration and set of common equipment options. Fully preassembled including the disinfection channel, it is available in ten sizes and can be customized with different types of channel material, single or double UV bank arrangement, an optional automatic wiping system, various cabinet designs as well as sophisticated UV monitoring
& control features.

Equipped with WEDECO’s latest ECORAY® high intensity low pressure (Hi-Lo) UV lamps and ballasts, the system provides reliable performance while minimizing energy consumption. Their low lamp count, coupled with the long service life of Ecoray lamps, results in exceptionally low maintenance costs.

To meet the highest UV disinfection standards, the system has been extensively tested in line with the latest IUVA protocol for the disinfection of secondary treated effluents. It even meets the most stringent validation requirements as outlined in the US EPA UVDGM 2006.

Altogether, the TAK 55 Smart is the perfect fit for small effluents of varying wastewater qualities: from sewer overflows to tertiary wastewater reclamation.


Plant Parameter

This configuration is not available. Please switch installed banks and/or channel material.
This configuration is not available with this flow rate and channel material.