Research & Development Service

Research & Development Service

Whether UV or Ozone technology may be suitable for your specific process and application is not a question of gut feeling. It is decision that needs to be made based on established facts and figures.  WEDECO helps you to gain reliable results - before you have to make long-term investments.

Will UV / Ozone technology work for me?
We provide you with the answers

Our own laboratories and test systems as well as a team of experienced engineers and scientists enable us to research new applications for Ozone and UV technology almost limitless. Specially developed test and pilot systems allow new ideas to be implemented and specific client enquiries to be tested in laboratory and field trials.

Determining feasibility - studies and lab tests

The analysis of water samples and the simulation of different methods of treatment are the first step on the way to the desired water quality. What is plausible and what costs will result can already be seen at this early stage.

Finding out the facts - on-site field trials

Fakten schaffen

Data from practical experience helps to find out the facts - these facts are determined by our engineers using various pilot systems conducting systematic trials under real conditions. Their compact and user-friendly construction (on a construction frame or in a container) makes the WEDECO pilot systems not only particularly good for transporting but also easily adaptable to local conditions or specific basic conditions. The result - data that is comparable with what would be obtained from real operation later on, meaning maximum security in your investment.

For any further information you may require or other enquiries, the WEDECO Research and Development team will be glad to assist you in any way they can.