From the very beginning, taking the decision to purchase a solution from WEDECO is more than "just" a decision to purchase a technical system. You can count on the support and expertise of Xylem Water Solutions right from the time that the installation of your WEDECO system begins.

A single push of a button to get things started - Xylem takes care of the installation

Simply use the WEDECO installation support service and you will no longer need to invest time in planning the procedure or carrying out all of the necessary steps. Our experienced specialists take care of the entire installation process for your system - right from the preparation of each individual component to the set-up of the complete system, ready for operation.

And to this end, the personnel that we offer are quite something - electricians, fitters, metalworkers and technicians provided with the best possible training specifically for our equipment as well as dedicated site managers for larger projects to discuss and oversee all of the procedures to be carried out.

What do you get from this? - For example, you get a smooth, rapid and thus particularly cost-effective installation process that takes operating parameters into consideration in advance. Or a perfectly set up system with functionality, safety and a smooth startup process already "included".

A single press of a button is enough to get your system started. If only everything was so easy...


Every point an advantage for you -The WEDECO Service Level Agreements

They all have one thing in common - they guarantee a wide variety of advantages for your business. And on top of that, we leave the choice to you when deciding which of the many advantages you would like to make use of. more...