There's nothing better than hands-on experience. This is a fact that is of particular relevance for the installation of complex systems, as these systems pose problems that are just as complex for technicians and fitters. Any enquiries, research, reworking or even mistakes take up valuable time. Time that you will not lose with our supervision service during the installation phase of your WEDECO system!

Your hands - our expertise: Supervision during the installation phase

Even if you want to take control of the installation of your system yourself or hand it over to a third party, you can count on our support! Xylem Water Solutions supports you with more than 30 years of experience in UV and Ozone system construction. Our specially trained service technicians monitor each step that your fitters take on site and are always ready to lend a skilled helping hand during the entire installation phase. The individual installation phases are coordinated and overseen by our site managers with many years of experience. Safety guaranteed - installation mistakes made impossible.

The guaranteed, efficient and smooth nature of the way installation work is carried out not only contributes to the safety of the team on-site but also excludes the possibility of problems before they occur and so actively contributes to safer operation and helps reduce your installation costs.


Every point an advantage for you -The WEDECO Service Level Agreements

They all have one thing in common - they guarantee a wide variety of advantages for your business. And on top of that, we leave the choice to you when deciding which of the many advantages you would like to make use of. more...