TotalCare Services

Now, more than ever, wherever you are in the world, you can optimize your WEDECO Ultraviolet and Ozone systems by taking advantage of Xylem TotalCare Services. Xylem TotalCare offers pro-active services which will keep your equipment running longer, more efficiently and more sustainably over the whole life of the product.  For more information, you can view our Total Care Brochure.

Xylem TotalCare Services will enable you to reduce the total cost of ownership by providing specialist technical and process support. Our solutions work because we are committed to supporting you and your product throughout it’s operational life and ensuring that you achieve the lowest possible cost of equipment ownership through increased reliability, reduced energy consumption and proactive maintenance.


Key benefits that you can expect from a Xylem TotalCare Service package include:

Optimum functionality
Regular checks and inspections of your system carried out by qualified Xylem specialists guarantee that peak performance is retained over the whole life of the system.

Reduced Administration
All Spares and Maintenance requirements will be monitored and coordinated by Xylem.

Lower operational costs
Regular maintenance enables the identification of wear-and-tear and defective components minimising expensive repairs and protecting against long down times.

Optimized Plant performance
Combined with the upgrade of new core components, efficiency audits help to optimise the operational performance of your system, resulting in significant cost reduction.

Budgetable maintenance costs
Annual costs for consumables and service support can be anticipated through continuous monitoring of the system.

Health & Safety
Components within the system that are critical to Health & Safety are inspected at regular intervals by Xylem Specialists, to guarantee the safe operation of the system and to protect public health.