Efficiency Audits

Optimizing the performance of your UV or Ozone system can reduce energy and maintenance costs when using genuine OEM components and intelligent control philosophy

The initial equipment price is only a small fraction of the total cost of ownership of UV or Ozone equipment. In fact, maintenance, energy and downtime can easily comprise over 40 percent of the real costs, over the total lifecycle.

In case of UV systems for instance, these operating costs can be reduced by more than 20% by optimizing the UV system control and using the latest UV lamp and ballast technology.

Xylem Efficiency Audits will provide a baseline for assessing the potential cost savings that you can expect from your UV or Ozone system. Using the data generated by an operational system, Xylem specialists are able to advise improvements to the system control or even upstream processes.

Xylem process specialists will carry out an in-depth investigation of the WEDECO system operation and generate an easy to understand report which will provide an assessment of the potential cost savings possible and the steps required to achieve them. This process optimization can be combined with component upgrades to maximize savings potential.


Original WEDECO Spare Parts

Make sure to enjoy a long lifetime of your UV / Ozone systems by using WEDECO original spare parts.  WEDECO original spare parts convince by high quality standards and ensure perfect performance of your systems. more...