Inspection Services

Be on the safe side - with regular inspections performed by trained, qualified personnel, adapted check lists for the planned maintenance intervals and the exclusive use of long-life original WEDECO components, we guarantee that downtime for our products will be kept to an absolute minimum. And even if the need for repairs does arise, our service technicians will be with you on site a.s.a.p.

Down with downtime

Be it maintenance or repairs - we don't just come on time as precisely agreed upon with you, we also come equipped with both the required spare parts and a whole lot of expertise. Xylem employs large numbers of trained technicians in over 40 branches worldwide, employed specifically for providing high quality services for WEDECO products. Regular internal and external training programmes at the WEDECO Global Customer Service Centre in Herford, Germany ensure that each and every employee is kept up to speed on the latest products and developments.

Full service - low costs

In spite of the enormous level of performance, the WEDECO support team is not just synonymous with reliability, but also cost effectiveness. Optimisation of travel routes thanks to the use of a central operation centre keep costs to a minimum, wherever you may be situated. With a network of Xylem technicians and contractors in more than 140 countries all over the world, you can count on a Inspection service from Xylem that makes sure that things are "running" in your facility.

Xylem will do the best to support you, to help yourself - just get in contact with your local WEDECO Helpdesk. Optional weekend services and hotlines can be offered. Find out more about the many advantages that our attractive Service Level Agreements provide!


Every point an advantage for you -The WEDECO Service Level Agreements

They all have one thing in common - they guarantee a wide variety of advantages for your business. And on top of that, we leave the choice to you when deciding which of the many advantages you would like to make use of. more...