WEDECO UV- and Ozone systems form part of the most sophisticated treatment steps within the water treatment process. To ensure professional and perfect operation control, WEDECO has devised thought-out training programs for a great variety of needs.

Xylem Training Services offer not only technical classroom and on-site training on UV and Ozone systems but also customized conferences for sharing operational experiences and feedback sessions for our research and development (R&D) to improve our service to you.

We train personnel to optimize plant performance – increasing reliability, efficiency and productivity. Participants get real-world experience through our instructor-led courses that engage participants in the learning process to increase retention of skills and knowledge.


Every point an advantage for you -The WEDECO Service Level Agreements

They all have one thing in common - they guarantee a wide variety of advantages for your business. And on top of that, we leave the choice to you when deciding which of the many advantages you would like to make use of. more...